The Future of Software Development: Web3, Smart Contracts and Decentralization

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At re:Software S.L., we have one focus: enabling blockchain innovation. We are here today to introduce you to our endeavour of building smart contracts, hosting distributed software and creating your blockchain networks. Read on in this blog article to find out how we implement Web3 and Smart Contracts to augment your software.

With a track record that includes pioneering concepts like Play-to-Earn, Health-to-Earn, Multi-Blockchain Bridges, and Trustless Atomic Swaps Software, re:Software S.L. has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the world of distributed software development.

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Introducing smart contracts

First things first: Smart contracts are self-executing [autonomous] contracts. It is common for these to follow the terms of the agreement as they are written in the code directly. Such agreements tend to be more transparent and more accessible than traditional paper agreements.

Smart contracts have been the driving force behind numerous revolutionary blockchain applications and are at the heart of re:Software S.L. with previous success stories including: PacNEM, Health2Earn and ERC20 Bridge. Let’s take a closer look at how smart contract development plays a pivotal role in latest blockchain applications:

  • Play-to-Earn Revolution: The concept of Play-to-Earn has taken the gaming world by storm, enabling players to earn real-world rewards by participating in blockchain-based games. Our team recognized the potential early on and developed smart contracts that facilitate the seamless integration of in-game assets, tokens, and rewards.
  • Health-to-Earn: The intersection of blockchain technology and healthcare is a promising frontier. By developing smart contracts that securely manage health data and incentivize healthy behaviors, re:Software S.L. helped dHealth build the Health-to-Earn concept. Users are rewarded with tokens for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and their medical data remains under their control, thanks to our smart contracts.
  • Multi-Blockchain Bridges: Achieving interoperability between different blockchain networks is a complex challenge. To overcome this, our team designed smart contracts that serve as bridges connecting multiple blockchains. This has not only facilitated seamless token transfers but has also opened up new avenues for cross-chain DeFi applications.

The blockchain industry is known for its rapid evolution, making it challenging for businesses to remain relevant over extended periods of time. However, re:Software S.L.’s commitment to innovation has been a driving force behind its longevity.

SaaS / Web3 integration

We help businesses seamlessly integrate with the Web3 ecosystem, enabling them to leverage the benefits of decentralized networks.

Hosting distributed software

Are you a blockchain developer, researcher, or enthusiast looking for a hassle-free way to deploy and manage blockchain software? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art hosting service is here to empower your projects and take your blockchain experience to new heights.

With our hosting service, you can effortlessly host smart contracts on popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, NEM and more. Imagine deploying a robust Solana smart contract with just a few clicks, or effortlessly running a Bitcoin node to contribute to the decentralization of the network. The possibilities are endless!

Our company, re:Software S.L. holds an industry record of 10 years working with partners to facilitate the integration with the universe of blockchain networks. Our team provides seamless node deployment for popular blockchain networks, enhanced reliability that ensures your nodes are always connected and synchronized, optimal performance thanks to our high-speed infrastructure and expert support from our dedicated team, ready to assist you on every step of the way.

Blockchain infrastructure

With a strong focus on security, scalability, and performance, our team offers reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your blockchain needs.

Deploying distributed apps (Web3)

By keeping a close eye on emerging trends and technologies within the blockchain space, re:Software S.L. has managed to consistently be ahead of the curve. Our willingness to explore new ideas and concepts has allowed us to pioneer groundbreaking projects like Play-to-Earn and Health-to-Earn.

As we continue to lead the way, our story may serve as an inspiration to businesses in the blockchain space, emphasizing the critical role of smart contracts in unlocking the potential of decentralized technology. The next ten years promise even more exciting developments, and we eagerly await what our trailblazing team will bring to the blockchain industry.

We will help you with following topics: deploying Firebase Cloud Functions, installing AWS virtual private servers, configuring your domain names and IP, securing the access to your source code or executing benchmarks for your smart contracts. We use technologies that include: Kubernetes, Docker and Jenkins to automate your pipelines and improve availability amongst your team.

The blockchain industry is only now really beginning to see real-world applications but we, at re:Software S.L., have been developing, and hosting apps for many years now and we will share with you what we learned on our way. When working with us, you can also rest assured that your blockchain integrations and ideas, continuously belong to you. We have worked with many different customers in the blockchain industry and understand the fundamental needs of a Web3 ecosystem.

Consulting and advisory

Our industry pioneers offer strategic consulting and advisory services to guide businesses through their blockchain- and Web3 journey.

Building smart contracts

In a world where transparency, fairness, and accountability are increasingly valued, smart contracts can play a pivotal role in driving ethical initiatives forward. Distribution using smart contracts has revolutionized the way goods, services, and assets are allocated and managed across various industries. These self-executing, tamper-resistant pieces of code running on blockchain networks have brought transparency, efficiency, and trust to distribution processes.

Smart contracts, operating on blockchain networks, offer unparalleled transparency by recording all transactions and interactions in an immutable ledger. This transparency ensures that stakeholders can verify and audit operations at all times. The first step in pioneering concepts with smart contracts is to identify an area or industry where blockchain and decentralized technology can bring transformative change. This might involve creating new financial instruments, revolutionizing supply chain management, or redefining how digital content is owned and distributed.

Smart contracts embody the principle of “code as law.” They execute predefined actions when specific conditions are met, offering an immutable and transparent way to enforce agreements. Pioneering concepts through smart contracts requires careful and thoughtful coding to ensure that the contract aligns with the intended concept and executes it reliably.

Building smart contracts to pioneer new concepts is a dynamic and exciting journey that combines technological innovation with creative problem-solving. Whether it’s disrupting traditional industries or introducing entirely new paradigms, smart contracts offer the potential to bring about meaningful change. Careful planning, community engagement, and a commitment to iterative development are key ingredients for success when pioneering with smart contracts, ultimately shaping the future of decentralized technology and its impact on society.

Smart contracts development

We help businesses disrupt industries and integrate with the Web3 ecosystem, enabling them to leverage the benefits of distributed software and smart contracts.

Managing and maintaining your dApps

The software industry has been struggling for a long time to handle uptime correctly and to guarantee 100% uptime is somewhat of a myth in the software industry. At re:Software S.L., we keep track of your software, smart contracts and blockchain nodes at all times and alert you directly if something is wrong. We also support you in managing and maintaining your load balancers and/or making sure that your cloud functions are always online.

Looking for an example of our online status pages that we use to monitor the status of our distributed apps? Have a look here. You will get one of these as well, for every node of which you need us to monitor the status. Our status pages can be configured to monitor many different events including: Server uptime, API endpoints availability, API integrity validation, SSL expiration alerts, Mining operations status, website uptime, and more.

Developer Bits by re:Software S.L.

Uptime monitoring

At re:Software S.L., we keep track of your servers and blockchain nodes at all times and alert you directly if something is wrong.

We understand your blockchain product

Due to a past decade contributing to blockchain protocols, we bring more than just a knowledge around blocks, tokens and transactions. We previously worked with blockchain networks including: Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, NEM, Symbol, Solana and dHealth Network. We have participated to the birth of many different blockchain projects including some of the latest Web3 trends like Play-to-Earn and Health-to-Earn.

Our team at re:Software S.L. offers a wide range of services including: helping you to operate Bitcoin mining facilities, assisting you in staking cryptocurrency, defining and building next-generation NFT integrations, building next-generation dual-blockchain bridges, building your smart contracts and realising your awesome next-generation blockchain products.

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