At re:Software S.L., we build innovative SaaS software products, mobile applications and Web3- or blockchain products. We also offer advisory, general consultations and online lessons with a focus on emerging technologies. Find us at

Enabling innovation with software

Our company offers innovative programming skills to cover all your needs in a secure environment. We build scalable and secure software products from-scratch!

What we do

We execute your ideas from A to Z

Blockchain networks

We develop, configure and deploy blockchain networks responding to your needs.

Distributed apps

We help you define, build and deploy next-generation distributed apps (dapps).

BaaS Pipelines

We develop the concept of Blockchain-as-a-Service and deliver high-quality software.

15k+ clients worldwide use our products

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About us

We help you define innovation

Our team of experts in the software industry will take your business ideas to the next level with innovative and emerging technologies and skills.


We believe that open-source is a beautiful way to collaborate with our partners.


Our experts consultations can be booked every day from 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM.

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15k+ clients

using our software

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Our software put under the microscope

Our team developed software for Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Symbol and dHealth Network.


Transactions crafted

Some Love From Our Clients

[…] for the past few years, and [they have] been instrumental for the NEM Foundation in contributing to foster a stronger ecosystem, deeper engagement with community, act as a trusted advisor, trainer, and helping create tools and education for NEM.”

Alex Tinsman

ex-Microsoft Sr. Global Product Marketing for Xbox

“It is wonderful working together in [their] role as Head of Development for Foundation. Proactive, dynamic and totally organized. Brilliant in his work and well-liked by the community and teams. He also sends encouraging messages often […] always welcomed!”

Jason Lee

Experienced Web3 C-Level Professional

“[…] is self-motivated and energetic professional. I’m impressed by the number of projects and teams he was able to manage at the same time. During the time we worked together, he also opened some of the most relevant improvements on top of the blockchain protocol.”

David Garcia

Software Engineer and Technical Writer

Unlock your limitless potential with a spark of inspiration!

Simplicity is the soul ofre:Software SL

Grégory Saive

Chief Technology Officer
re:Software S.L.

12+ Web3 Partners Worldwide

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At re:Software S.L., we offer video lessons that are tailored to your needs, web3 lessons and general software consulting . Our online lessons are personalized for you and can be downloaded.


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Here are some frequently asked questions

Any question you want to ask us? Have a look here, the answer you may find!

What services does re:Software S.L. offer ?

We build and deliver innovative SaaS software products, mobile applications and Web3- or blockchain products. We are also available for advisory, general consultations and online lessons with a focus on emerging technologies.

Does re:Software S.L. offer software for free?

Yes, and no. Many of the software projects we built are released under open-source licenses and thereby available freely. Building this software is not free.

Can re:Software S.L. build my website?

Yes. And much more than that. We will help you manage your online presence by delivering tools and services that are always online and with universal access, using your computer, your smartphone or even your Smart-TV.

Will re:Software S.L. provide a hosting server as well?

Yes. We offer a great deal of flexibility with regards to hosting, and infrastructure costs are always contained as per your wishes. We can provide web hosting or blockchain node hosting solutions, as well as remote storage servers for your CDN or media servers.

How can I get informed of latest updates from re:Software S.L.?

This one is very simple! Subscribe to our re:Chain Newsletter for free now and you’ll get weekly updates and insights from our pioneers in blockchain tech.

Blockchain technology provides redundancy and strengthens the integrity of data – of which our future is built.

Grégory Saive

Chief Technology Officer
re:Software S.L.

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  • dHealth Health2Earn by re:Software S.L.

    dHealth Health2Earn


    Health2Earn is a Peer-to-Peer Rewarding Solution powered by Strava and dHealth Network. Using a smart contract that we developed, participants are rewarded for completing healthy activities. View in portfolio

  • dHealth Network by re:Software S.L.

    dHealth Network


    dHealth Network is a public blockchain infrastructure for healthcare. Deploy Web3 dapps using distributed patients identities, healthcare oriented incentives and health data integrations. View in portfolio

  • dHealth Wallet by re:Software S.L.

    dHealth Wallet


    dHealth Wallet is a SaaS Web Software to interact with data and identities of dHealth Network. It can be used to sign transactions, to manage identities and watch network activity in real-time. View in portfolio