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Welcome dear reader, to this next iteration of making blockchain real. We are here today to introduce you to our universe of next-generation blockchain products that we have build in recent years, and in collaboration with our great partners.

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Introducing Blockchain-as-a-Service

As we start to introduce you to our universe of blockchain networks, let us clarify the process of installing and configuring cryptocurrencies to run on a particular blockchain network.

There is plenty of blockchain networks out there, and to be entirely honest with you, it is overwhelming to try and keep a sharp overview. We do not go by the buzz and the scammers that are active in the scene. What we are trying to achieve instead, is that we deliver quality software products that are focussed on breaking the barriers to entry for the ever-evolving industry of blockchain.

To permit that, we have to also offer a great deal of expertise on the infrastructure of blockchain networks. That includes being able to run a blockchain node, of course, but it also requires to be able to understand the noisy aspect of peer-to-peer communication protocols and their impact on a computer network or on the security of your- or your businesses’ data.

Not only that, there is also an aspect of crypto-economics that you need to master before you can thrive in the blockchain industry. Are you planning to issue your own crypto-asset, or cryptocurrency? Have you thought about the impact of public exchange listings on your community? Or are you maybe wondering how to incentivise your users correctly?

Blockchain development

From designing smart contracts to creating decentralized applications (dApps), we innovate with blockchain for security, and efficiency.

Projects in this category

  • Symbol  Blockchain

    Symbol Blockchain

    Distributed, Fast & Secure; The LEGO of blockchains is back with more building blocks: from public assets, to name zones via cross-chain atomic swaps – Symbol Blockchain is all you need from a blockchain network.

  • dHealth Network

    dHealth Network

    dHealth Network is a public blockchain infrastructure for healthcare. Deploy Web3 dapps using distributed patients identities, healthcare oriented incentives and health data integrations.

Hosting blockchain infrastructure

As for the actual infrastructure that carries your blockchain projects, we offer a multitude of solutions for your business: from managed servers for running nodes to dedicated blockchain clusters that you own, via dapp deployment solutions and web server hosting or server administration.

You prefer Amazon’s AWS over Vultr or DigitalOcean? or any other provider? No problem, our solutions are compatible with any hosting providers that you prefer. We install your distributed apps using Docker images and Kubernetes cluster that we deliver to you, and we keep your software alive, always.

Running a blockchain node can be quite a rabbit-hole for you to step in, that is why we make it easy by maintaining your server(s) and updating the server software for you, as to keep a healthy state of your machines, at all times. You do not have to worry about the healthiness of your node anymore- we keep it running and produce weekly reports so that you always keep an eye on the network, too!

Blockchain infrastructure

With a strong focus on security, scalability, and performance, our team offers reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your blockchain needs.

Projects in this category

  • re:Web3 Composer

    re:Web3 Composer

    re:Web3 Composer is a SaaS Software to compose blockchain nodes, smart contracts and Web3 protocols infrastructure. Using Docker and Kubernetes, it lets you manage highly-scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Building SaaS products, dapps and scalable APIs

Our track-record of successful software projects has taught us a lot about the development of SaaS products, about building distributed apps or about including micro-service tiers in the software architecture.

We build software that is precise and that scales well! We use standards and technologies adopted by the software industry and we share our passion with you, in delivering your amazing software ideas. In fact, to respond to an ever-growing technologies spectrum, it is important for our team to feel engaged and for us to get involved in latest developments of the software industry.

The programming languages that we use to develop your software can vary between: C++, PHP, Typescript or Javascript. We also offer a great deal of functional and operational knowledge related to programming frameworks including: Vue, Node, Nest, Laravel and React Native.

SaaS / Web3 integration

We help businesses seamlessly integrate with the Web3 ecosystem, enabling them to leverage the benefits of decentralized networks.

Projects in this category

  • PacNEM


    PacNEM is a Peer-to-Peer Online Multiplayer Game featuring the popular Pacman game in a remake with a Play-to-Earn system using the NEM blockchain. This project was featured in the iX Magazin.

  • dHealth Health2Earn

    dHealth Health2Earn

    Health2Earn is a Peer-to-Peer Rewarding Solution powered by Strava and dHealth Network. Using a smart contract that we developed, participants are rewarded for completing healthy activities.

Network economics and Tokenomics

As much as we dislike making up new words, this one is relevant for any blockchain product: Tokenomics. Network economics consist of a multitude of token issuance charts, rewarding system formulas and general issuance configurations that we build as a team.

We will help you in define what is a correct block reward for your node operators, but we will also stand by your side when you have to analyse the costs of operating nodes for your network. Having worked with many different Web3 protocols teams before, our team offers a wide range of helpful insights while also helping you deliver next-generation blockchain ecosystems.

Disclaimer: Issuing your own crypto-assets, or cryptocurrencies, is a regulated activity in many countries around the world. We may consult, assist and support you to issue your own cryptocurrency. Note that we do not offer any trading services.

Blockchain: a framework to create value

True value is not up for the grabs. To create value, you have to understand what your customers needs are, how they will interact with your software and which alternative markets may be available for them, amongst others.

Note that we are not writing about the kind of value that is created by ways of financial exchange– that would be too simple, wouldn’t it? Instead, we are writing about what your customers value most, i.e. what matters most to them? Knowing this, it is possible to create value for them, not thinking financially.

An example speaks more here: dHealth Network is a great example of a framework for value creation in the Healthcare industry because of the distributed apps that are built to offer medical services and goodies in return for patients engagement.

Distributed consensus algorithms

Speaking of blockchain networks, it is only normal that we introduce you to the concept of Proof-of-Work. It is an algorithm that is used to achieve consensus between peers of a network in a distributed fashion. Ok, now in human words: This system is used to find an agreement between participants of a network without the need to involve any other third-parties.

“An agreement about what?” , you ask. A blockchain system uses consensus algorithms to determine a common state of the network. This common state is often referred to as the blockchain tip or the last block of the chain. Now, it may happen that two computers in the network work on the same problem, and find different solutions to it.
The agreement process in proof-of-work networks is such that the network will pick the best solution by interpreting the amount of work executed by computers to reach to the solution.

In practise, [proof-of-work] resembles a meritocracy – where you deliver work to find the next block – and [proof-of-stake] resembles more a democracy – where finding a new block is tight to your position in the network.

Integrity in the era of Data, UBC Digital, Grégory Saive

Our team will help you pick between popular algorithms for your blockchain software, and implement or configure consensus algorithms in coordination with you that are based on: Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Storage and Proof-of-Authority, amongst others.

Consulting and advisory

Our industry pioneers offer strategic consulting and advisory services to guide businesses through their blockchain- and Web3 journey.

Projects in this category

  • Governable DAO

    Governable DAO

    Our Governable DAO case study showcases the feasibility of using blockchain identities to govern over the operations- and economics of a distributed autonomous organization (DAO).

  • ERC20 Bridge

    ERC20 Bridge

    Our ERC20 Bridge for dHealth is a cross-chain swap solution powered by dHealth Network. Using a smart contract that we built, users can swap tokens between two different blockchain networks, dHealth and Ethereum.

We understand your blockchain product

Due to a past decade contributing to blockchain protocols, we bring more than just a knowledge around blocks, tokens and transactions. We previously worked with blockchain networks including: Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, NEM, Symbol, Solana and dHealth Network. We have participated to the birth of many different blockchain projects including some of the latest Web3 trends.

Our team at re:Software S.L. offers a wide range of services including: helping you to operate Bitcoin mining facilities, assisting you in staking cryptocurrency, defining and building next-generation NFT integrations, building next-generation dual-blockchain bridges, building your smart contracts and realising your awesome next-generation blockchain products.

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